Mission Statement

Wrecords By Monkey (WBM) is a Brooklyn-based personal accessory brand, which uses unique design, bridging the worlds of fashion, art and music. WBM uses reclaimed vinyl records to create handmade accessories transcend music lovers of every generation.

We’ve WBM was created through innovation and creativity by taking used 33 LPs (Records), and turning them from an everyday item into a unique accessory. WBM gives vinyl records renewed life as jewelry, home goods and personal accessories and keeps them from ending up as landfill foder. Music is the universal language: you don't have to understand it to know how it makes you feel, and records are the symbol of all music.

We WBM creates modern design with uncompromised craftsmanship and has an understanding of our material and what pairs best with the natural shape and limitations of the vinyl records.

People's backgrounds, education, knowledge and friends often shape their ideas. Wrecords By Monkey was created in 2004 by Patrick Chirico – a/k/a Monkey – while attending FIT for fashion design. Monkey had his ‘AHA’ moment while watching a friend attempt to create an all-to-well-known record bowl in a small apt. Using his unique background of skills in glass-blowing, skateboarding and silkscreening – the very first WBM Record Bracelet was a reality. Monkey honed his ideas and creation while on holiday break at his Parents’ house and by 2004 Wrecords By Monkey was born. The first bracelets were premiered at the FIT Spring Fair in 2004 and nearly sold out, and shortly after landed the first two stores – Patricia Fields and Atrium – and its been thriving since.

WBM has worked with the likes of Sony, Hard Rock, WEA, Bravado, MTV, HBO, Third Man Records to create unique vinyl inspired accessories and received accolades and press from MoMA to Vogue as well as film and TV.

“We were a part of the MoMA's Destination NYC exhibit, which we won for our record bracelet. Our products have been in movies and TV shows like Glee as well as books, including Red, a design forecasting publication. We've been published in hundreds of news outlets, magazines and blogs including Time Out New York, Vogue and the Associated Press,” said Monkey.

This brand is about inspiring others to be themselves and about making high quality products with a design edge

“Running a brand has allowed me to use all of my capabilities, and I am thankful for the people who have supported me on my path and gave me my assets. My mother was a human resources director and father was a manufacturing manager, and they raised me with hardworking values.

My godmother Peggy Montondo, was the key to my creativity and she taught me how to sew at age nine and inspired and supported my endeavors ever since. My Wife Brittany and Son Wellesley are the fuel and sometimes the mussel in this company and they inspire and encourage me every step of the way.”

WBM ethos starts with constant creation and innovation of design pushing the limits and use of recycled vinyl records.