Turntable Arm Clock


Image of Turntable Arm Clock

The turntable arm clock is simple and to the point. It shows a turntable arm on the right hand side, and has the 33 1/3 minute highlighted to reference the RPM speed on a turntable.

-The clock is made from a recycled record and has a gold silkscreened print on top. It comes with an American made quartz clock mechanism and a steel hanger for easy hanging. The Clock hands are gold and may vary in style and size. Its comes with instructions for use and care printed on the back of the vinyl.

-Each record label is different (color, artist, etc), but if you have a preference, please leave a color, label or band reference in the comment section and we will try to match it as best as we can!

Made by happy people, from recycled vinyl records in Brooklyn, New York, USA.